About Me

I’ve been working in the Thai film industry for the past 18 years.  Back in the U.S. I started a special effects lighting company for rock concerts while in high school.  This was in the days of the psychedelic light shows and I began taking pictures and filming for projections in our shows.  I was fortunate to do shows with entertainers like Jimmy Hendrix, The Kinks, Janis Joplin, and many more.

I graduated from The California Institute of the Arts in film/video and began working in the Hollywood film industry.  During my time in Hollywood I worked in many technical capacities including, gaffer, key grip, lighting director, director of photography, visual effects coordinator and visual effects producer.  I’ve worked at all of the major studios on literally hundreds of projects.

I became interested in production and began working as a production manager and line producer for commercials and feature films.

Currently, I work in International Client Service at VS Service Co., Ltd. Thailand.

Our group provides technical services for film and video production.  We serve local and overseas clients.  We have lighting and grip equipment, film and video cameras, special effects equipment, generators, vehicles and technicians to operate everything.  We have recently set up Thailand’s most extensive Red Camera service with complete accessories, post production equipment and technicians.

I use my extensive technical and production experience to help foreign producers get the most value possible for the best price.

Some of the many projects we’ve done include, THE BEACH, HANGOVER 2, OPERATION DUMBO DROP, ENTRAPMENT, BEYOND BORDERS, CASUALTIES OF WAR and many more.

I started this blog to help encourage people to make movies in Thailand.  Its a work in progress but I hope people will find it informative.


Tel: +66- (0) 92-392-4542

Email  don@vsbangkok.com

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